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    Please bring back real crafting

    I miss the excitement of trying different component combinations to discover new recipes. I also miss sub-components in weapon on armor crafting, sending serious time making awesome items. I truly enjoyed crafting when top end gear was made from a combination of items obtained from the environment, taking hours of exploring and harvesting from resource nodes (not drops). This game used to have one of the best crafting systems ever, but alas crafting has been essentially removed. All we do now is simple combines of raid and/or instance dropped items, which isn't crafting.

    Please bring back real crafting.

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    /loved the old crafting method too
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    I'd also like to see a crafting revamp for the last tiers since it's just rep grinding now.
    We have several departments that could be improved, the thrill of new tiers goes down when you realize you have to grind a full rep to be able to do the next and get the crafting recipes you need. Even doing that, crafting by itself has been reduced to a very few recipes in the last tiers compared to what we had until Rohan.

    Guilds are useless after level 90-100, stats highrocketed from one high level zone to the other, making it very difficult or tedious for returning players to catch up on gear.

    I'd like to see:

    - Crafting guilds being useful at high tiers. Guild recipes for crafters, just to be able to craft landscape gear and higher gear like the good items we could craft a few years ago.
    -Crafting dungeons like the ones we had in Moria, they were a good way to get materials. I saw something in the lines in the Entwash, but I felt the Moria ones were more complete.
    -Crafting dailies? Why not? If some of those were not level-tied it would be even better.
    -Higher crafting tiers added to the auction house, right now it only features until level 9.
    -A farmers guild with exclusive recipes for achieving the appropriate ranks.
    -Decoration recipes added to crafting tiers again. They were removed when the Westfold tier came. The last housing recipe I have on my Historian it's a Burnt Orange Wall paint (Supreme tier, up to lvl 65).
    -Dye recipes for the Anórien, Doomfold and Ironfold tiers from landscape drops, and now that we talk about that...

    -Please return in-level landscape recipe drops to the table. It's very sad receiving level 85 recipes in level +100 zones.

    Crafting before Rohan was far more diverse and entertaining. It was worth getting it high and investing in it because it was very rewarding. When Gondor came, crafting was severely cutted again, turning it into an essence grindfest and twisting it into something I don't know where to grab. I miss the old crafting fondly, it was something I liked doing in this game very much. Look at all the crafting guides, they are outdated and this very subforum is tagged as "Old".

    I'm sure I'm missing a lot in here but the wall of text would be too big otherwise (the old good farmer recipes come to mind, now oversimple with the same animations in all of them ).

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    You have my sword, my bow, and my axe for this suggestion.
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    The best crafting system Turbine/SSG ever made was for AC2.

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    Crafting up until level 100 is AMAZING! I have always been able to kit myself out with something decent.

    I haven't needed anything higher level yet, but it is sad to think that it is going to be like this. Surely there should be at the least, say, a set of armour for every five levels or so. Is there not even this? I have noticed the Doomfold tier doesn't have much in the way of auto-bestowed recipes, which doesn't bode well.

    I would like to see guild rep continue through the tiers, with decent recipes for armour etc. Guild membership is, after all, a reason (albeit a lesser one revenue-wise) to sub or buy points...
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    I pretty much gave up on crafting since the changes from Mordor on. I would love to see them bring back the old system. As a crafter, spending hours looking for the resources to craft an item and barter for the recipe with tokens only to find I then need an item gained in a raid pretty must destroyed the joy of crafting for me.
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    Sounds like you want to move to Everquest.

    Gotta warn though, EQ crafting system is downright brutal.

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    After having played it for several months, I really enjoy the crafting system in Elder Scrolls Online.

    They have crafting levels. 1-10, 11-20 etc. In ESO, weapon and armor crafters can already craft each piece of gear as soon as they progress into the tier. The main thing in that game is the ton of racial styles. You need to acquire the consumable in order to be able to craft a piece of gear in a certain racial style. And you need a specific ingredient in order to do it. For instance - 15 ingots in order to craft a sword and 1 adamant in order to craft that sword in the dwarven style.

    With their alchemy and cook professions (provisioner) there are a ton of recipes that buff combinations of stats. And you acquire them as drops in multiple ways.

    And they also have levels of gear. white, green, purple etc. You can "improve" the quality of your piece of gear at crafting stations.

    Also, a big thing that I didn't realize until I popped back into LOTRO the other day? You can deconstruct your gear and get random crafting mats related to the piece deconned.

    They also have crafting dailies. You log in for 5 minutes and do your dailies. You are rewarded with crafting xp and gold and random mats for each craft you did the daily in and a chance at random recipe drops. It's a good system.

    ESO has levels of quality gear. You have regular crafted gear, then you have crafted gear that is done at certain locations that creates set pieces. Set pieces are a big thing in ESO. Then above all those you have your group dungeon, raid gear. It all seems to work really well.
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    agree, bump
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    Please improve crafting , keep it relevant to high level characters.



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