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Sounds like you want to move to Everquest.

Gotta warn though, EQ crafting system is downright brutal.
I played EQ1 1999 til WoW came out. {I used to have been the source for the Allakhazam image of a velium cestus I made =) } I have no words for how I felt about the higher levels of crafting when you could hit the button to craft and *fizzle* and lose mats I took hours if not days to farm.

I don't care how long it takes to farm stuff, not losing mats is amazing. Though the raid only mats are freaking annoying, I did my time raiding in EQ1, WoW and Eve Online, I am old and tired of raiding. Yet nobody is selling the raid drop mats, I did find one bit of fluff selling for 650 gold - and I would need 3 [or 4, can't remember offhand, for a shield for my guardian] and unless I want to spend my time grinding vendor trash for ~15 an hour, those damned drops of honey that only occasionally sell for 50 gold but may take an hour to find one in a woodpile, or farming and cooking something insanely complex I have to raid. *sigh*