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    instance deed assistance this summertime

    Greetings everyone, over a year ago I started a character on Landrovel his name is Dwandle. I started him in the hopes of recapturing my love of the game and wanted to try a fun challenge getting to Mordor on foot. I streamed the whole adventure on Twitch and surely went through the struggles on epic. Dwandle is sitting in Moria currently. All epic done and meta landscape deeds completed, I dont post in the forums often but I need a few peoples help. Currently I need to do all moria instance deeds without accelerators or use of instance finder. I would love to continue my adventures forward but I have a surgery upcoming and I wont be back till I feel recovered enough. I know this post wont be fullfilled till after my surgery but I need help going forward to mirkwood. currently I need instance deeds from moria/angmar and sarnur I will post again here when my body is comfy to stream/play this again. I am looking to try and get to isenguard this December and continue my Dwarven Footprint Challange.

    I am looking for anybody to get these deeds done this summer and people whom can put 6-8 hours into doing it for fun and enjoyment hope to meet some more lovely faces! Thx


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    I'm in. I'm currently working on alts and catching up on deeds. I'll be around this summer. Holler if I can help join in on your adventures!

    Find me as Devalyne on Discord



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