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    Time to End Raid-Lock-Transfer Rule

    Playing on Legendary server, where raids are pug-heavy (because kins aren't big enough for 12-man raids) AND declining server-population-in-general, it is time to eliminate the Raid-lock-transfer rule. It was always an odd, illogical, punitive rule anyway. We put up with it in the past because we just didn't know better or care -- it's a rule, live with it. Now, however, this practice has no validity whatsoever.

    I was playing a toon on a Leg-server the other day and got a chance to join a pug doing The Vile Maw - only apparently I had inherited raid locks and couldn't go, when that toon had never even done that raid, not once. This kind of thing simply makes no sense. Its time to discard the lock-transfer *rule.* Oh, and now my character has to wait-out the rest of the week until reset for no good reason.

    edit: So I just read on the wiki-site that Vile-Maw is a daily reset (6am Eastern) -- this means that the raid-lock-transfer, in this case, is a BUG that needs to be fixed. I will submit a report. My post still stands on its own, however.
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