I havent used my main account Minstrel much since the last major update and the subsequent server move; I logged in today to do some bits and to get him back on track, however while at Thorins Hall I discovered he had lost all the EL stable routes

Some of the stable masters showed blue, and others the colour that is normal after they have been discovered, but I had to rediscover them to get the routes to work; the Shire routes are all available, and so are the Bree routes; not been any further than those so far.

This is the SECOND character I have found with this issue, (the other is missing a number of Fast route options until I rediscover the stables); and I am wondering if anyone else has come across it, or have I just been really unlucky; - I lost Premium status on my 2nd account as well, although I spent some cash to get it back, rather than wait for support to fix it.