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    Quote Originally Posted by Yarbro View Post
    Forums are still VERY slow for me, and the game has being throwing a few curve balls as well.

    I had to abandon TWO quest chains, because the first (Yule) Sackville-Baggins refused to talk to me; I went back 3 times; each time he had the burning gold ring, and each time he wouldnt respond (no one else there btw)

    2nd was another long chain final quest (not Yule this time) finish - except the NPC had vanished; again went back several times before abandoning the quest.
    I was out all day, but now in the late evening and night, European Time, both Forums as well as game has been running smooth here. Managed to Run Storvagun on multiple alts and no lag issues. Same around the Yule area, no lag. Granted as it was late, not many around. Forums feels snappier and faster than before yesterdays really weird behaviour. I'm sure soon it will be back to crawling speed again though, he he he !!!

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    Mr Lord Funk, please clean up you memes. Seems irrelevant to the thread topic.

    The thread started with timeouts and laggy site, I have not done these tests as I write this, not at home, but the site is ALWAYS laggy and times out for me, regardless of what network I connect through (my work network goes from München). Some days it's better and some worse. It is always worse after about 15 GMT, since the western trump horde awakens and always worst late GMT evenings. I usually go to bed at about 23 so up to that time is what I can report about.

    HOWEVER, that is the site. I have hardly ever any issues with the game.
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