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Thread: Captain updates

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    Jun 2011

    Captain updates

    Has anyone got any information on the potential changes to captains, I read that changes are coming once they have finished the Burgs?

    Captain is my main and I always loved playing the support role, but after a 2 year break ( for personal reasons) when I cam back to the game I felt under powered in a few areas.

    Things I would like looked at in my opinion and probably wrong to hard-core stat crunches and most people but areas I think could be improved.

    Tactical Mitigation - feel it needs a buff, its just so low compared to some classes!
    Buffing - please scale up IDM, banners and buffs in general
    Buffing - more of it, a minstrel buffs more than captains now with all there tales that last 2.30m yet we have relentless lasts 45 seconds? no class should buff more than captains
    Banners/heralds - the buffs they give are awful just awful need scaling and can hope banner give morale again please! please for the love of everything good either increase the morale of heralds or give us the drop banner back!

    Yellow Line:
    Improve AOE threat - tanking multiple mobs could do with looking at.

    Blue Line:
    scale up the healing - heals are so low unless you crit, reduce the cool downs of most of the healing skills

    Red Line:
    Slightly increase dps

    interested in what others would like to see?

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    you miss out on a lot, for example all heals on cpt are underscaled and so theres a bigger list on the issues to captain, read captain buglist.

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    Tactical mitigation is the problem of all melee classes.
    And heralds need a increase of survivalbilty for sure. IT cannot be that we need to resummone them für to five times a fight.
    Herald of hope is better with mits as with morale or do you want morale in addition?
    For the Banner buffs etc, all percentage, they are fine atm if mastery cap stays at 200%.
    For red yes own dps need an increase.
    For yellow I like to see the defensive strike buff directly to the mits not armour value.
    Blue line need a total overwork at least hte sacrificing element must be cut off.
    In the other Hand the healing Mark shouldn't be enough to keep dpser alive.



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