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Thread: Swap items

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    Swap items

    I was thinking of using a swap item for my level 113 Guardian. So my questions,

    Do guardians use swap weapons/belts and if they do which legacy do they use ? Warriors heart seems an obvious choice but are there better and if thats on a non imbued weapon are there any problems swapping the weapons in combat.


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    The only swappy i use is an unimbued sword for charge duration

    No need for swappies outside of that unless you want to swap gear to morale stack against phys damage fights and tact mit stack for tact damage fights. But guards at end game are facing tact damage everywhere so thats not happening much at 120

    You can also just use an unimbued sword all the time as a guard for tanking. Check out my forum posting with blue guard guide for more details

    P.s. i guess i do swap my tank belt on to WH when im running solo stuff. I just dont really think of it as a swappy because i personally dont solo much :P
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    What more does one need in LotRO than a lot of morale and a shield?



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