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    Hunter LI questions

    I last played in February 2017, so just over 2 years ago. This is my Bow and Sword. It seems there have been many changes (of course), so what do I need to do to update my items.

    I don't see any way to attach an image, so I uploaded one to imgur.
    I can't seem to get it to embed so here is a link.


    edit: I play only solo right now, I was never much into grouping or raiding. I used to in EverQuest many years ago, but now I feel like I'm too old and not skilled enough for that. I traited Huntsman line, but most points are in Red, It was just a first best guess since they were reset while I was gone.
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    You didn't tell us your level and nowdays, your LIs will depend on if you go redline or blue line.

    Many will probably answer you better than I, but here are a few things. nowdays, you get so much agility and primary stats from gear that it isn't worth using a stat legacy. there are new Runes In Mordor and Ered Mithrin you can get . your sword doesn't have 4 relics.

    MY bow has much the same legacies as you have, however, I'm a blue line huntsman.

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    My Hunter is level 105. I think that was the cap two years ago. I had just made the sword when I left, so yeah, it's incomplete. I do have a ton of Agility on my gear from Ithilien Essences. Here are my traits. It was just a quick setup, I really don't remember how I had it in 2017, but I think this is close.


    I guess I'll just keep using what I have for now. I'm guessing I'll have to buy some expansions to be able to get these new Runes.



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