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    When did the USURP rules change and what are they now?

    LOTROwiki has this information listed...

    Kinship Decay
    Just as a kinship can grow over time, so too can it wither. Should the leaders of a kinship leave the game or otherwise go inactive, the option to usurp their position will be made available.
    The leader of a kinship can at any time assign one officer of the kinship as his successor. To do so, the leader must use the option in the kinship panel.
    If the leader does not log in for more than 35 days or cancels his or her account, the successor receives a mail indicating the availability of the Usurp option. Then the successor can click the Usurp button in the Kinship Panel to become leader.
    If the successor does not usurp leadership within 10 days (45 days of the leader being absent), all officers of the kinship receive a mail informing them that any officer can usurp leadership.
    If no officer usurps leadership within 20 days (55 days of the leader being absent), the option to usurp is available to all members of the kinship, but no mail is sent.

    This is no longer the case. I even asked SSG help twice for the new rules as our kin leader and co-leader have been offline for about a year and still no USURP options. If the rules have changed, then what are the new rules?

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    Is there no Usurp button on the Kinship tab of the Social window? When this happened last year with a kin I'm in no mail was sent to anyone but the Usurp button still showed up and one of the officers took over after I noticed it contacted him.



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