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    Mithril Coins Sale

    I'm not the only one who's been waiting for a Mithril Coin sale ever since the Legendary servers launched, and they have not gone on sale in that time. For years, they used to be on sale quite regularly: you wouldn't have to wait more than two months for the next Mithril Coin sale.

    Has a decision been made to not offer them on sale anymore?

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    I, too, have been waiting...

    ...and waiting...

    ...and waiting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Umpbear View Post
    I, too, have been waiting...

    ...and waiting...

    ...and waiting...
    Yeah <3

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    In the past years, in weekly sales Mithril coins sales have always came with Quest packs sales. And lots of people are waiting for them too.

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    We got the sale! I really hope if there's every another legendary server started in the future, that there's a sale on mithril coins in the first couple of weeks. But for today, I bought 500 coins on Anor and I'm happy.

    There's so many things you can only buy with MC, and not with LotRO points. I already spent a lot on extra quest slots, festival dyes, Return to Lalia's travel skills, and cosmetics from Lalia's market.

    Thanks for the sale!



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