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    Follow someone who looks like they know where they are going!

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    ...Navigating the Spring festival hedge maze?

    Increase your Mini Map/Radar to Maximum size (3.00), and hit 'F12' often. ...Bring Scented Candles or Red Fireworks, in case you get lost. ...If you find the Keg in the middle, stay there! ...Someone will come & join you shortly.
    "One thing drives out another." [Barliman Butterbur]

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    Eat as much pie as you can before entering. Once its certain to get lost - even to one knowing what hes doing - at least youll not be hungry!

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    Drinking a lot of beer, that works really good

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    My advice?

    ZIG ZAG RICON!!!!! ZIG ZAG!!!!
    Find me as Devalyne on Discord

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    Better no enter there

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    Drink a good old barlimans before enter and let the nose lead you to the dire beers &kegs muaaahaha
    Rucagorn, The White Guardian - Portugal

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    A good memory.

    I get up after a dire beer, turn around by 360 degrees, and say: 'ah, that's where I am, now heading for the (whatever)' This is natural for me, while others struggle to make it through. Too bad that you cannot buy this like any goods in the shop. Would have spared me a good deal of the conflicts that I had with my class 'mates'...

    Greetings, Polymachos
    Treufried, human Level 120 Lore Master, formerly from Maiar (DE), now on Belegaer
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    Alexophor, human Level 120 Hunter, formerly a Nimrod, now on Landroval
    Awkward Animal Arena in Breeland Homesteads, 6 Long Street, Ersward (Landroval) - Minas Tirith under attack!

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    Congratulations, you have won this weeks contest!

    Quote Originally Posted by maartena View Post
    Bring a hobbit with you. Throw him up in the air every so often and let him report back with directional info. It's called "HPS" or "Hobbit Positioning System".
    Also, Hobbits gravitate to Chickens. It's a built in instinct.....
    Congratulations, you have won this weeks contest!

    Please check your forum mailbox for your points code. You can insert the code in the redeem code box within the LOTRO store to receive your points.

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    Oops, wrong place!
    "I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass."
    Officer in the Elders kinship - http://www.theelders.org.uk/
    We have left the wandering spark (Gilrain) to find the Song of Gold (Laurelin)...


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