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    What is the best advice you can give for navigating the Spring festival hedge maze?

    What's the best advice I can give for navigating the Spring festival hedge maze?

    Follow the white rabbit?

    no. Oh certainly not. Instead....

    ...follow the white chicken.

    They know their way out of the maze....

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    best advice for spring fest maze

    Don't go in it! The hobbitese have it rigged, so you will never escape it.

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    What is the best advice you can give for navigating the Spring festival hedge maze?

    Step 1. Try to brave it for the first time alone. Hey, practice makes perfect! And you can achieve anything with trial and error, right?
    Step 2. Get utterly lost
    Step 3. Proceed to cry in a corner in embryo position until some Bounder takes pity in you and escorts you out...
    Step 4. ...never try it again

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    Just keep doing it, use alts.

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    ...stay out of it.

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    Bring some ale and a snack (bacon).

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    You take a Lore-Master along (if you aren't one yourself) and s/he can ask a feathery friend to get a bird's-eye view of the layout. Then, watch the birdie!

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    Best advice for Spring Maze?

    Bring a hobbit with you. Throw him up in the air every so often and let him report back with directional info. It's called "HPS" or "Hobbit Positioning System".
    Also, Hobbits gravitate to Chickens. It's a built in instinct.....
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    turn to the left

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    It's a little-known fact that the more Bullroarer's Ale you drink, the straighter the paths become.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheldomar View Post
    ...follow the white chicken.

    They know their way out of the maze....
    Especially since they always escape in the end.
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    Best advice — Follow some one who seems to know the way and then pretend that you are looking for the same thing they are.

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    Hold a one magnifying glass over mini-map?

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    just use spider-tech: always follow the right (or left) wall after entering. This will guarantee, that you find a way through. Not the shortest though, in most situations. But if you remember where you have already been, you'll know the (shortest) way after one try.
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    What is the best advice you can give for navigating the Spring festival hedge maze?

    Check maps at the wiki!

    Sergio :-)
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    Learn to jump really, really, really high.

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    As an elf, I get distracted by the foliage and end up spending several days inside the maze. So my best advice is to avoid distraction

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    You know those kites they added no one really knew why they were added or what were they used for?

    Well now you know! With the brand new "HOINKS" (Hobbit Ordained Integrated Navigational Kite System) you can have your very own par of eyes seeing from above!!

    Buy now for the modest price of 500 Lotro Points!!
    (Hobbit not included. Also, SSG is against Hobbit cruelty and used Hobbit sized dolls on testing the kite.
    To get one Hobbit, travel to the Old Forest in the Borders of Buckland and ask for "Tom". You didn't hear it from us.)

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    Play A LOT, and you will know the route when the festival ends.

    Also, remember to use "select next item" and "select next NPC".

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    Run around everywhere and you will know the route eventually. Remember it.

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    When you see a diagonal open up, take it.

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    What is the best advice you can give for navigating the Spring festival hedge maze?

    Just keep drinking until you wake up near an exit.

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    What is the best advice you can give for navigating the Spring festival hedge maze?

    1) Enter the maze.
    2) Take random screenshots of the mini-map.
    3) Zoom in on the radar to enlarge.
    4) Print on a printer.
    5) Cut out the printouts and paste together to make one large map.
    6) Enter the maze, use your printed map and hope you get out before the festival ends.
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    Pay attention to the radar, it's not blurred anymore!


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