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    Question about Twin Fights

    There are a few Twin Fights on the game, as in fights where bosses share damage taken. Boss 2 Throne, Boss 1 AoM, Boss 3 Anvil, for example.
    Question is: how do incoming damage debuffs act in that case? Does it apply normally as if it was one big boss or only on the hits landed on the target being focused?
    For example: Would an armour crush on both bosses be twice the effect of having armour crush only on the one being targeted by the dps? Would it have the same effect or somewhere in between?

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    Incoming damage will increase the damage both take, but only if you target the one with the debuff.


    Abyss of mordath, you put oathbreakers on Khokali. If you hit Khokali, you deal +35% incoming dmg, that is increasing the damage you deal, which is then shared to both bosses equally. If you target Dauraga while Khokali has oathbreakers, you deal damage as if oathbreakers weren't there.

    Offensive debuffs on both targets are only useful in these kinds of fights, if you deal damage to both targets. Hunters can often throw barbed arrows on the other boss, rks can keep their dots up on both, etc. which would sometimes justify debuffing the other boss as well. Something i do on my LM in anvil, is i debuff both Karazgar and Vethug with my raven debuff, which will increase the little bit of damage our dps put on the other boss, with minimal loss on my end, other than making it harder for myself.

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    shared damage gets handled like unmitigated morale damage. It usually cant be raised or reduced in any way, as soon as it is shared. What is on the target that you target applies and afterwards, damage gets shared.
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    Thank you for the replies

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    One thing I noticed though, crit chance is a bit weird. At 3rd boss my overall crit chance on drake (which we killing first) is between 55-60% but on Karazgar only barely 30%. Damage done seems to be about the same though.
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