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    Stuck on Loading screen, please read

    Hey, So I exited a building in Bree, and then i was luck on the loading screen with the ring in the bottom of the screen.

    Then it said: Failed to connexion to server or something.

    So i restarted the game, logged in with my Character Netzo on Anor, and it again loaded forever and said Connexion to server lost..

    So now I can't login at all, anyone know what to do?

    Thanks in advance.

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    And it is character related, because i can log in on my other accounts, just not on this one where i got stuck on loading screen after exiting a house in bree..

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    It's a known problem. There's two "fixes" that I know of. One is to wait until the server gets restarted (usually happens once a week for maintenance) and the other is to log in to another character on the same account and put in a ticket and hope a GM can fix it.

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    I'm having the same issue, after heading to Bree from Bree Homesteads, the game lost connection with the server. Now I can no longer log on to my character on Evernight.

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    Mat ive had an account for the last 7 years... have spent well over £600 pounds on this game … since the last couple of updates I can not access my sccount … have just bought a brand new gaming PC … downloaded the game to my steam account and it will still not run.... have contacted support over 20 times and all they can say is its my PC that is the problem.... you really think a Intel I9 with Gforce RTX 2080 and 16GB of RAM carnt cope with LOTRO....all I can say is ..they take your money and don't give 2 flying FCKs to the moon … hope you get your problem sorted … don't think I ever will

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rikboi View Post
    all they can say is its my PC that is the problem.... you really think a Intel I9 with Gforce RTX 2080 and 16GB of RAM carnt cope with LOTRO....
    Believe me or not, the speed or power of a given rig has nothing to do with the (un)ability to connect.

    Did you consider to check your firewall settings?

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