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    Update Moria & Lothlorien Instances to 'modern standards'

    many of the items, armours, and other rewards in Moria have been updated to modern standards
    Great job making items have good stats!

    However all the bosses and mobs in the instances did not get the memo, everything dies before I can even put up my oathbreakers..
    The last boss in halls of crafting can't even summon his minions and its already dead, ez challenge mode if the mechanics don't even come to pass.....

    Next time you buff one side of the scale don't forget the other.

    I mean you can cap your tactical / physical mastery just with quest gear before you are even level 60.
    Most people don't even have first agers yet and 6 man bosses already die before they finish their intro speech.

    Please consider buffing Moria / Lothlorien instances

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    As stated, updating the Moria itemization generally was executed well. However, a mandatory followup to this is adjusting the instance difficulty.
    Currently the instances are far too easy due to easily being able to cap stats, and I very much doubt T2/T3 versions are being worked on.
    So please, either buff the overall difficulty of the 50-60 mob level range, or individually boost the specific mobs in the instances.

    PS: Fix the Watcher --> his attacks only hit for 1

    ~ Ara



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