Hello everyone!

As of late I am streaming on Twitch TV [https://www.twitch.tv/onyi_david] and whilst most of my streams are casual hangouts, one of my recent streams evolved around two topics that I believe to be interesting in regards to the overall gameplay.

With this being said, I cannot overstate that this is NOT a guide and most certainly not a "must do." This is my take on what I believe to be niche-features with the ability to create minor advantges, which are NOT necessary in 99% of the overall game. It is simply food for thought for those looking to experiment and fine-tune and tools that I have been using succesfully for a majority of my time in this game.

I hope you enjoy the stream and am happy to answer any questions/discuss any observations either on here, ingame ["Roxi" on Anor] or even via Social Media or within an upcoming stream.

Have a great Sunday!