Today, SSG had a stream starring Cory Olsen, Chris Pearson, and Mike Drout talking about LOTRO's lore. The conversation turned from rights issues (they can't get too close to the Akallabeth), possibilities (the best chance at the North-South Road being completed is when the hobbits pass through it on the way home), and Sauron's final fight in the Second Age being a wrestling match against Elendil (which is now my head canon).

But also of note was when the discussion turned to the Epic Story. There wasn't much talk of what's to come, but for prior, they did specify how the story doesn't make a whole lot of sense for it to be done by just one person. They then said a very interesting tidbit- around 30 people would have to have been involved in the Epic, doing stuff separately, so that the timeline would match up.

What race/origin combinations did what? How many people need to be in the right spot to make sure the timeline doesn't get wibbly-wobbly? How many of them would have been present for the Black Gate and thus the Black Book of Mordor? Will the forums debate a reasonable division of the Epic and have it make sense?

INTROS- Four intros- Archet, Thorin's Hall, the Last Alliance, and sulking at Beorn's.

VOLUME I- 15 books, three prologues.

VOLUME II- 9 books, the epilogue.

Volume III- 14 books, one prologue.

Volume IV- 9 books.

The Black Book- 8 chapters.

Assume that whoever's present from the Pelennor Fields onward also does everything up to the end of Chapter 4 together as well, for simplicity's sake. Multiple people can work on a book together when reasonable, and it's generally assumed someone else 'in the know' starts handling things when distances become too great.

So what race does what, and for how long?