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    Magic exists? Through whom flows the magic power?

    The question is simple. I love magic very much. Therefore, I want to enter the world as some kind of magician. The most magical classes are LM and RK.
    Can someone tell about them something?
    I pumped both up to level 10. But I can not choose.
    LM has a beast. RK is more mobile. Watched a lot of videos. So LM looks very strong, especially in AOE.
    But like the RK is on damage after the hunter. Is not it so?

    sorry for such a question. But I would be very interested to read you.
    Tell me why you like this or that.

    If it matters. I started playing on the legendary server. Therefore, can someone write something to expect in this content?

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    RK is about single target damage, or healing. LM is about pets, crowd control (stun monsters) and debuffs, though LM can do good AOE damage for a short time. LM has a lot of spells that require standing still, if this is a problem for you. In end-game groups, both are useful, RK for damage and LM for debuffs.



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