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    Southern Mirkwood

    I decided to quest through Southern Mirkwood en route to Black Book of Mordor chapter 5.2.
    Everything is running smoothly and directing me to everywhere I need to go for the quests.
    After finishing the quests in The Scuttledells and Emyn Lum, I am noticing that there are no landscape quests whatsoever that leads you to Taur Morvith, the area below Emyn Lum, just part of epic 2.9.6.
    And even that doesn't lead you directly to the start of the quests at Iavassul's Watch.
    Even more, when you finish the few quests there, the instance quest takes you back to Iavassul's Watch and leaves you off cold turkey.
    There should be a quest that links you to that same location that you did the instance quest for that is where the next set of quests begin.
    Upon questing by the bridge, one of the quests has you searching for 3 accursed items in Sad Morangol, one of which drops from the sorcerers that dwell there.
    Simple enough, yes? Well, you would think that but there are hardly any sorcerers to be found there so it takes a long time to find that accursed staff.
    After completing the last of the quests for Sad Morangol, there are more quests at Mithichad, but yet again no quest to send you there.
    One of the quests there tells you to hunt for wargs but it says upon killing a ward "Defeated Wargs in the Ashenslades" but you are still in Taur Morvith.

    I will update this post as I finish more quests.
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    Based on what you've posted. I'm guessing you skipped South Mirk when it was on level (61 - 65) or used an Aria to auto-level your character past this level range.

    South Mirkwood has it's own book of Epic quests, Vol 2 Book 9. Some of the quests that send you to certain quest hubs in South Mirk are Epics from Vol 2 Book 9. Just doing general landscape quests in South Mirk will not send you to all of the quest hubs there. If you are not running Vol 2 Book 9, you will miss certain key Epic quests that send you to some of the quest hubs in South Mirk.
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    Well, epic quests and landscape quest are two different things. Epic quest doesn´t need to take you to another quest hub. On the other side, if you are doing landscape hubs, once finnished they usually send you to another hub.

    And I think the main idea of book 9 was not to be seen, so it makes sense if they avoid quest hubs (were usually more people gather).

    Quote Originally Posted by Pewpewmidget View Post
    Simple enough, yes? Well, you would think that but there are hardly any sorcerers to be found there so it takes a long time to find that accursed staff.

    This is common occurance when only one enemy type in given region is needed for quests. E.g., let´s have region with 20 cats and 20 dogs and there is 50% to spawn either one if one of them is defeated.

    Since you need to kill only dogs for quest, you ignore cats. Then following happens: you kill 20 dogs, you get 10 cats and 10 dogs. You kill 10 dogs and you get 5 cats and 5 dogs. Now we have 35 cats and 5 dogs. Two-three more iterations and you finnish with 39 cats and 1 dog.

    And then new guy comes and it is difficult to find any dog. (truely - there was once a region where was NONE enemy of type I needed to kill when I leveled a twink there.)

    Solution is easy: kill everything in your way so you get more spawns of wanted enemies.
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