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    UI Skins - opening some panels is freezing client

    I've noticed a freezing issue across a few of the UI's I was trying out in the JRR skin pack. *Side note* If I use default game UI there is no issue.

    For example, I'll use any of the Delving Hills skins and open the Wallet panel. This will cause my entire client to freeze for 3-5 seconds. I've noticed this across several skins but not all skins and with some skins wallet was OK but character panel was effected.

    I suppose I could back and more thoroughly track what issues occurred with what skin. However I was just curious if anyone else has noticed any issues lately.

    I don't think it has anything to do with the ui element positions. I took a few skin defs and deleted position references so that it should be a stock panel with skin pack graphics. Issues still occur though... :/
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    I have the exact same issue freezes

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    I tried Delving Hills and JRR skins, and experienced no delay in opening the wallet panel.

    I would suspect either a virus scanner or a slow hard drive. If you have a virus scanner, try disabling it. If the problem goes away, you know the culprit.
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