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    New player - Server choice

    Hey there,
    im a new player and im so confused about the server choice. Since i never played any of the expansions should i start on legendary server?
    I bought the quad pack so i own some of the expansions, i guess legendary server would be a better choice for me to experience these expansions. What you guys think?

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    First off Welcome to Lotro.
    The legendary servers are a good start because we are only at the tail end of the first part and the level cap is 50.
    With the opening of Moria we will see that cap go to 60. So yes its a place where we have a structured pace to the game.
    The other servers have no limits, and they are the full game for you to go at your own pace.
    Try them both but I prefer the legendary servers myself. Happy hunting ????

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    If you're interested in fully enjoying the stories in LOTRO, and having a good chance of finding other players in lower level areas to group with, the Legendary Servers may be a good fit for you. As was said above, current cap on LS is 50, shortly to go to 60. On the regular servers, the cap is 120, which can seem like a long, long way to go when you're just starting out! And so many players on regular servers are at the level cap or at higher levels, so can be more difficult to find people to group with at lower levels.

    But a couple of things to be aware of. The LS have an experience debuff, so you will not level as fast as you would on a regular server. Gaining experience more slowly, however, means you will not outlevel areas and can more fully explore the stories on level. The other thing to be aware of is that there is no pvmp (player vs monster player) on the LS, and no plans to have pvmp added any time soon. So if pvmp is important to you, you'll be happier on a regular server.

    I play on both types of servers and have enjoyed both. Currently I'm very much enjoying the casual atmosphere on Ithil - fun community without too much drama!

    Above all, play the game your way, doing what makes you happy!

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    Thanks alot for the replies guys!
    50 levels with the experience debuff still better than 120 levels without any sort of dungeons/raids. Im afraid im gonna quit the game before reaching 120 on the normal server.
    Legendary server it is.



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