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    Minstrel Stats to aim for?

    I just got my 6th piece of anvil gear last night, so I stripped the essences out of some of my gear, and I wondered what sort of stats people are aiming for for t3 minstrels?

    I'm aiming to cap crit, and get enough vitality to have capped mits with Anthem of Composure and scrolls, but are people also trying to cap outgoing healing?

    My outgoing healing is only 76%, with the 10% from resonance and 5% from the raid set bonus, so I feel like it's pretty low

    Thanks in advance

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    My advice would be never worry about outgoing healing as a stat because you should always have enough just from will/tac mast on gear and with all your modifiers you should reach the soft cap of 70% (for mini's with ease). From there capping mits shouldnt be too hard, you pretty much get all the tac mit you need just from vitality and anthem and then you can have a few phys mit essences or just make a phys mit swappy where appropriate. Other than that get to crit cap of 30% which isnt too tough and stack vitality. Also unless you really need the extra tankiness/vitality I would advise replacing two of the anvil pieces with the throne two piece set for the bonus 5% healing crit to take you up to 35% because that is in my experience more worthwhile than the extra morale but can depend on situation.



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