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    I hope to God that some devs are reading this thread because they really screwed this class over far too hard. Ok, so things might be balanced out at mid levels and fine and top levels, but they totally wrecked low levels. It is still playable, but not fun to level and that means who is going to want to go through that awful funless grind to level a new Minnie up to the point where it is a decent play again?

    I was considering building a new Minnie healer for some grouping, but am reconsidering now as I really don't fancy the struggle it is going to be to level a character up to level 40-50. I am a lotro addict of 9 years exerience and if the state of the class it is putting me off from building one, what is it doing for new players?

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    Have they seen how fast some of the other classes kill at low levels?

    How about trying a Guardian. They are insane at lower levels with bugged skills.
    Certain Loremaster pets also need adjusting down at lower levels and increasing at higher levels, they can solo everything with little or no input from the LM.

    1-30 level Minstrels needs a slight buff now. 30+ is fine.

    If you bore players in the early levels they may just give up and move on. Likewise if it is too easy also.


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