I read you're whole post. There is WAY TOO MUCH posted to be discussed with any substance. This is something you could throw at the devs if you really wanted to. However, as a discussion point and desire to have opinions on it, good luck. I suggest you break something like this up into multiple more succinct pieces, that can be addressed and discussed, if that's what you want.

The post is simply too long, and covers too many topics to be discussed thoroughly and effectively. Any feedback will be a cluster that wont be a good read either. I'd be more than happy to talk about PvMP issues, but not in this fashion. This will only turn into a giant unorganized mess will little valid discussion. PvMP does indeed have a lot of issues. Throwing a wall of text of pvp problems up is not the best way to talk about it.

A better approach would be to discuss very specific issues in separate topics if you want quality discussion(still wont get it from some folks). For instance, if you want to talk about balance, that's one topic. If you want to talk about gear, that's another one, and so on. If I were to break up all the PvMP issues, just as an example, I'd say they are gear, balance, map, corruptions, skills, classes, loot, game play, community, the players, and tactics. Some may break them up differently, but I think you'll find that you can't properly discuss one issue when all the others are flying around in the same thread. It can also make it unwelcoming and feel like a waste of time(waiting for the usual people to chime in here) when it's a big giant mess.