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    Being double-billed/Can I change credit card info?

    My account is being double-billed. When I go into the store to manage subscriptions, it shows two subscriptions (Monthly - Founder and LOTRO subscription). I set this account up for my daughter years ago as a Founder sub. I have never added a new sub to it. How can the same LOTRO account be listed as subbed twice?

    What can I do about this? I thought about trying to cancel one sub, but I don't want to inadvertently lose my Founder rate.

    Also, my CC company just issued a new card (with a new number) because it is possible the old one has been compromised by a merchant data breach. I do not see a way to edit the CC information in the LOTRO store for my account. What am I missing?

    Thanks for any help.

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    For the card change just select My Payment Accounts on the drop down list under your account name in store and add your new CC card. As per here - https://help.standingstonegames.com/...t-information-

    I assume you can then just delete the old card.

    For the double-billing, if you're actually being charged twice, I suggest you click on Contact Support on the page linked above and send in a ticket to account support explaining the problem.

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    I followed the directions in the link. Opening the store and right-clicking the username does not bring up a menu with My Payment Accounts listed.

    Clicking the arrow beside my username gives me the option of managing my subscriptions, but only includes deleting CC info, not editing or adding. I considered deleting the info and seeing if it would open up the option to add a new card, but again, I worry about losing my Founder's pricing. The menu beside the user name does not include a My Payment Accounts selection. Perhaps the FAQ is out of date.

    As to the double-billing, it's apparently partly my fault for not checking the CC bills much earlier, because this has apparently been going on for several years. I checked the history on the store account back three years and the double-billing has been going on at least that long. I just didn't catch it.

    I'm going to submit a ticket about the double account billing rather than trying to delete the extra account. Both are charging Founder's rates, and if there is a technical glitch causing this, I don't want chance wiping out the account.

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    Odd. When I click the arrow it shows 4 options, one of which is My Payment Accounts.

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    When I click the arrow I get "My Account", "History", and "Manage Subscriptions". No option for "My Payment Account".

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    The first part (double-billing) is squared away. A very big thank you to SSG customer service.

    FYI - The reason I cannot update my CC information through the in-game store is that I am now playing through Steam. Apparently, since I set up the account with my CC, it continued to use that as a payment method, but I have no way to update that CC info in the store as long as I am playing through Steam. I have to use the Steam Wallet to pay the sub.



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