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    Rime of the Anvil Recipes

    Maybe I am completely missing something obvious, but I cannot find any recipes for which to use my rime of the anvil. I checked all the barter vendors in Skarhald, I search the forums, and google and have not seen any reference to new recipes. Are the recipes all raid dropped or something? Any help would be appreciated. I have 3 I would like to turn into some upgraded gear.

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    Shield recipes are autobestowed to Ironfold tier metalsmiths

    All off hand/bow recipes are bartered in Skarhald at the Quartermaster for Dwarf-Hold Crafting Rewards. He is towards he back of the little are that the stable master is in. 20 marks of the longbeard for a recipe. You want the recipes that produce a teal weapon with item level showing around 382
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