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    Herbalist Update?

    Sorry if this has been asked and answered but I haven't found it. I just came back to the game after several years. I got to 120 and did the skirm event. My herbalist's traits are all level 50 but her heals seem to be completely worthless. Her hots hitting me for 200-300 aren't doing much when I have 130k health. I know she wasn't the best healer before but I don't remember them being this bad. Is there an update coming at some point or are they as good as they're going to get?
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    I believe they are set for level 100 or 105 with 50. Stat curve went up tremendously since then and they are stuck in the past.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raymore View Post
    I believe they are set for level 100 or 105 with 50. Stat curve went up tremendously since then and they are stuck in the past.
    Is that all Skirmish soldiers? Or just the herbalist?
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    The thing is skirmishes weren't really updated past level 105.
    I mean only automatically updated. So mobs and most likely their not visible stats are updated, also marks/meds, but not much aside that.
    Raid loot is still lvl105 and soldiers are at lvl50 (which means player lvl105). Even if you buy +5lvl for soldiers in store it doesn't change much since their skills should scale exponentially at this point which is not the case. Not worth to buy it.
    I hope they update skirms before next event at least.
    Now they are somewhat harder than in the past. Still easy but soloing duo t2/t3 isn't that easy as at lvl100/105 for me.



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