What are the current restrictions on the /say gag? Is it the number of repeats, or the number of repeats in a certain amount of time.

Last fall our band was playing in Laurelin at Forest Oaks. We had no idea there was any type of filter that would affect our lyrics. We had sung this song many times and never had anything happen. It was our redone version of 'Who let the Dogs Out' better known as 'Who let the Orcs out' This song has repetitive lyrics, and we wrote the lyrics to match the midi. At the end of the song, our singer happens to catch a quick notice of something about being gagged by an Admin. Suddenly she could do nothing. We had no other band member that could take up the lyrics because the poetical with lyrics and dialogue was only on one account. It caused mass confusion within the band. All we could do was shoot off an IMS to the host of the concert. Thank goodness she was eloquent enough to inform the crowd what had happened and everyone was very understanding. Also lucky we are not really a heavy vocalized band and only had 3 songs in the entire concert that we were going to sing that evening. What disappointed us the most was all the dialogue we had worked out with the audience. The show did go on - but this was not a good thing. For one thing, you don't get much of a notice that this has happened. One short notice in the chat line, which goes away very quickly when you have folks cheering and using emotes. It took us a good while just to look back in chat to figure out what the heck had really happened.