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    Anvil t3 1st boss *CHOMP*

    Hello friends! How ya doing on this wonderful day, 1st boss t3 anvil is a beautiful thing
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    Quote Originally Posted by HolyDuckTape View Post
    So we have tried the 1st boss many times after the new patch, the adds have their health reduced, nice but one huge problem is the chomping. It's literally, the boss running to a random dps person (ignoring taunts, aggro swaps etc.) and one shotting that person... How is this considered a good mechanic? There isn't even a counter to it. It just happens randomly and you can't do anything against it. What a broken mess once again. Goodluck killing the adds if half your dps group is getting one shot every few secs. So we just tried kiting the adds and surprise.... Invisible hits... The adds tank gets hit even tho the adds aren't even near him and still he takes hits from them (no breathes) (nothing in combat log).
    I guess this raid will never get fixed.
    Chomp mechanic is working as intended, wont drop a big spoiler but its managed easily when you figure out why it is chomping the person it does.
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    There is also a more effective method to deal with adds now.

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    Chomp was basically the only correctly functioning mechanic from the start.

    From what you've written, it appears that you and your raid group haven't understood the mechanic yet and how to counter/play it. You need to find it out first. It's the same with ID 4, people just need to understand how the mechanic works and is meant to be played and it's easy from then on.

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    Open eyes will help to understand why He does it.
    Spend your next Ries to Figuren it out.



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