She keeps overwriting her own skills right now, or not using some at all.
The adds add so many dimensions to the fight, with drake blast positioning, aggro call, debuffs, etc.

She needs to have a real greenbar at 95/70 and force spawn the first set of adds at least, instead of having runs where no adds spawn at all.

As an offside, who thought it was a good idea to have drakelings drop -60% melee damage puddles? If anything they should be throwing -tact damage puddles at random people. Encourage groups to bring champs/wardens and make ranged dps actually have to deal with positional mechanics.

For the people inevitably who will complain about this post: learn the damn fight. It's not just tank adds, tank boss, dps boss. People have gotten so accustomed to braindead tank and spank dps (like boss 3) they can't think anymore.