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    Yellow Guardian's viability?

    So I don't have a guardian at the moment, but I've been pondering the idea of making one. While it's pretty easy to find information about the blue and red trees, what's going on with the yellow one? I ask because it looks kind of like a fun tree to run so I was wondering if there was any use for it?

    I know nobody is going to go raiding with it over a blue one, but are any of the 3 or 6 man instances able to comfortably be done in yellow? When soloing how does it compare to the red tree? I guess I'm ultimately curious what the point of the tree is, and what it can offer, if anything, that blue or red doesn't.

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    Yellow is a lot of fun to play. A lot of AoE with a nice mix of debuffs & self-heals. Works well for solo play, gather up large groups and knock'em down. Depending on the instance, one can run yellow instead of blue.

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    I've been running yellow with some red for a while now at level cap, for solo landscape and repeatable instances including soloing some three-mans like School, Library and Stoneheight. For soloing the three-mans I swap some gear to stack more morale and go sword&board (extra mitigation from shield blocks and extra procs for Catch a Breath) but I stay in the same trait spec.

    Red tree is more single target dps focussed, yellow tree is more AOE, blue tree is more defensive & aggro. Red tree used to have the best self-healing (from crits in the parry proc skills) but Guard self-heals did get nerfed a while back and from what I've seen on my Guard, yellow tree has better self-healing now, but it's not as good as it was in red before the nerf.

    I did almost all my levelling in red spec so I'm not sure how yellow will work at low to mid levels. My advice would be to keep a level appropriate shield and 1-hand weapon with you. If the content is gets difficult, you can switch from 2-hand to shield and 1-hand at any time.
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