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    the cathedral of musical friendship concert - a 24 Player Arrangements Challenge

    Hey ho!

    Some of you may still remember the old TSO .. the big 24 player orchestra that reached it's peak under the guidance of Lilikate ( https://youtu.be/WKt04P7Yfhs?t=97 - in case some of you never heard her 24 player arrangement of the blue danube, go check it out!).

    It's been 4 years now and we didn't have anything comparable to this. It is time to aim for the stars again!

    At some point in the last 2 months of this year (2019) there will be a concert by a band called "the cathedral of musical friendship" on Laurelin playing a set of 90 minutes of 24-player arrangements like the one that you can hear in the link up there. It'll be under my direction and the musicians will be volunteers from lots of bands from all over the musical scene. And it'll be a one time event!
    I really would like you all to see this as a chance to have your arrangement(s) being played by a band made from 24 players.
    Arranging for 24 players is difficult, which is why I am announcing this so early: to give arrangers who really want to participate a fair chance to get one or more ABCs up to the high standarts we will be expecting.
    It'll also be a challenge to collect enough players to participate in this, but first things first: without a repertoire this can not happen

    If you are interested and you'd like to contribute an ABC, here are the requirements:

    Musical style:

    - no restriction, you have the absolute freedom to pick any song you always wanted to arrange for a 24 man band ( the only exception is the blue danube, that one piece is not allowed )

    Technical requirements:

    - It has to be a real 24 parts arrangement. It'll not be good enough to play certain tracks of a 14 part arrangement on 2 players to make all 24 players play something.
    ( most likely you will have to use a midi editor to prepare a midi for that )

    - The quality of the piece has to be acceptable:

    1. there will be a rough load check upfront that has to be passed before a song is accepted
    ( there will be detailed feedback on what parts cause the overload so arrangers will be able to work on that )

    a) less than 150% of maximal musical load during the entire song

    b) less than 10% of the entire song above 100% of musical load

    - note that above 100% tones are lost and everyone starts lagging. Especially for 24 part songs sticking with the 100% limit is going to be really hard. So the 10% are a compromise that will hopefully allow us to enjoy the majority of the music and not have too strict requirements on the arrangements.

    2. a rehearsal ingame to check volumes

    - The instrument is fixed for the first 18 musicians, the last 6 instruments are the arrangers free pick

    That way we keep the effort in terms of switching instruments low and it is easier to make sure everyone has all the instruments required.
    Hopefully 6 instruments free of choice will provide enough flexibility to adopt any style of music. Back in TSO days there was a lot of discussion about the fixed set up, but it was the only thing that made the syncing part possible without spending 10 minutes to get a song ready to play.

    1 Flute
    2 Clarinet
    3 Horn
    4 Bagpipes
    5 Pibgorn
    6 Brusque Basson
    7 Lonely Mountain Basson
    8 Basic Basson
    9 Basic Fiddle
    10 Lonely Mountain Fiddle
    11 Sprightly Fiddle
    12 Lute of the Ages
    13 Harp
    14 Misty Mountain Harp
    15 Theorbo
    16 Drums
    17 Cowbell
    18 Moor Cowbell
    19-24: free choice

    So .. please give it a shot, if you need advice/help contact me ingame ( a good chance to meet me is always at the night of the muses ).

    I really hope that some arrangers rise up to the challenge - everlasting fame is waiting for you!


    p.s.: please tell your musical friends about this, we'll be needing quite a few arrangers who are willing to go the extra mile!

    It'll require:
    - editing midis by hand
    - working around the 14 part limit of maestro or learning about alternatives - it is all possible, but requires dedication, you will be working outside of your normal comfort zone

    Arranging proper 24-parters is not a walk in the park. On the positive side: I have seen a few good 24 player arrangements from a handfull of arrangers, so it is possible!


    p.p.s.: This is roughly how that setup could sound like: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1D8...aiO1B6bxgXdqta
    - 24 unique parts, all 18 mandatory instruments in it ( + drums, flute, 4 lutes )
    - volumes could be tweaked a little more
    - imagine one of the 2 cowbells to be a moor cowbell
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    Bruzo, Dwarrowdelf Minstrel ~ "A Rock & a Hard Place"

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    Hey Bruzo,

    i can help playing . And some of my band members can join too if you want to test new pieces.... (Depends on time)

    Palwyn / Deascaith of Notenzauber
    Palantorio Rochalor (bdl.bplaced.net)
    * Frag dich nicht, was deine Sippe für dich tun kann, frag dich was Du für die Sippe tun kannst.. *
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    I definitely remember Lili and enjoyed my brief stint playing in the orchestra.

    Bruzo, are you still looking for this? I have a midi designed for 27 that I condensed to fit 24 (Brahms' Hungarian Dance 5). I have absolutely no idea if it fits any of the other qualifications though. I don't play music in game anymore, but would be happy to send over the ABC file. I arranged it before all the new instruments. The forums won't accept abc as a valid file type to send so not sure what's the best way to get it over.

    Also, I don't remember why, but I have it in two separate 12 instrument chunks. It was 5 years ago, so I don't know if there was a technical reason for why I did that... I abbreviated them S&P (Strings & Percussion) and W&B (Wind & Bagpipes; not sure why I felt that Bagpipes weren't a wind instrument xD). *edit* doh, just re-read your post. The 14-piece limitation in Maestro would explain why I cut it into two sets of 12. xD I can meld both sets using Vegas Pro 15 and send an ogg or mp3 file as well so you can hear what the complete arrangement sounds like.

    The original arrangement totaled:

    1x Drum
    3x Lute
    3x Harp
    2x Theorbo
    Moor Cowbell
    2x Bagpipe
    3x Flute
    4x Horn
    3x Clarinet

    I have a lot of prior experience with editing music in Anvil Studio, Maestro and ABC Player (and video/music editing in Vegas Pro 15), though I am rusty with the first three. These days I do more with video editing and singing. If the arrangement requirements haven't changed, I could see about testing out the new instruments.
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    yes I'm still looking for this. We already had a little testrun on a bigger event playing two 24 ppl arrangements (without any rehearsal and it turned out pretty much as exptected):


    The little lags in the recording are because of the additional background sounds that the video capturer had up - I kinda see the point in capturing the atmosphere, but the abc's were using the full capacity of the lotro sound engine. Without those background sounds enabled there was mosty no lag - in the second piece there was short moments with a bit lag.

    For the 24 player arrangement of the hungarian dance number 5 .. as pointed out the instrument requirements are a bit different now - we have to have those 18 mandatory instruments listed in the first post .. but if it already is a 24 man piece that shouldn't be too big of an issue. Swap some clarinet/flute/horn for the bassons/fiddles that are required.
    If you want to send me the abc's ( I can also use 1 24 part ABC ). Even better would actually be the midi and a maestro project file. I would estimate the sample load of that arrangement and tell you if it qualifies or needs some tone reductions.
    Bruzo, Dwarrowdelf Minstrel ~ "A Rock & a Hard Place"

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    Hey Guys

    I am still lurking about, If you need an extra musician to help fill positions just let me know the time and place... Laurelin you say?

    Thanks to all those that left flattering comments about my Musical Efforts. I had a ball crafting those files and every minute was worth it!

    I was here to see if any folks would like my any of my ABC's, I don't know how out of date they would be. I was considering starting my own abc file thread on these forums to drop a song or two, fresh songs, recently worked for the community to use as they wish. Comments and opinions would guide me.

    Hugs to all in the musical community




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