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    This increase of tiers is pointless. We saw how SSG thinks tier increases should play out with u23 and the Ered Mithrin instances. All it does is restrict gearing progress, and cull the motivation to even run instances because of how tedious it becomes to complete the higher tiers that might award anything useful, once per week.

    Give us t2c back. We don't want more tiers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elmagor View Post
    IMHO, Group Finder and Tier system must work like this:

    Player have XXX power, what means all his item level + class traits + virtue traits. Something like in Archage, where you have something like "Character gear power" and people just say something like "looking for 300+ gear healer".

    T1 - can be completed with any group with some effort. Even if some players don't play for years. Even without tank or healer. Everyone must have chances to complete instance and progress in history
    T2 - can be completed with any group with more effort and everyone must know how use his class and instance tactic
    T3 - can be completed with group who farm last updates and have good gear, and know everything about tactic
    T4 - can be completed with group who have best gear and farm instances every day

    And if your character have bad gear you can't sign anything except T1, game just don't allow you to do that. Also you can't enter T4 without clearing T1-T3

    And if T1 have boss and 2 adds, T2 have not only more morale, but boss have 3 or 4 adds. T3 have 5-6 adds and some special moves from boss. And T4 have not only millions of health, but waves of adds. T1 adds appear on 50% boss health, T4 adds appear every 20%. T1 boss have DoT, T4 boss have DoTx3
    This won't work well in LOTRO, even if it does in other games. Think about support classes, or classes that use old set bonuses at end-game. They will get screwed by this type of "character gear power" group-finder that you are proposing. Just because you don't have the best of the best when it comes to gear doesn't mean you aren't capable of completing the instances at higher difficulties. LM is probably the best example of this. If you have your finesse high enough, and you have enough mits/morale to take a hit without dying, then nothing else matters other than your actual skill at the class.

    What you're proposing with the difficulty levels of the tiers would be the ideal way to make it work, but we know from the example set forth in u23 and Ered Mithrin's instances that SSG does not agree, and that they believe the primary difference between tiers should be the damage/morale of enemies. Adding even more tiers to instances will only serve to make everything a tedious slodge, and will reduce the end-game community even further.

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    Crafting-->Fellowship quests--> tier 1 --> tier t2c

    ^This is what gear progression should be.

    Instead its going to be :

    Gear from last level cap--- > lootboxes--> tier 1/tier2/tier 3/tier 4/tier 5 ( 7 days a week so you have enough ash for )--> tier 6

    This is AIDS and must be stopped dead in its tracts.

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    I spent hours on TG T3.. it was so boring.. same mecanics jsut more morale and more dmg... that's not an extra challenge, thats just leeching your time..



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