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    Big PVP changes announced in producers letter

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    {ooooo.oioioooo,ooooooio trolololololalalalalal lalala trolololololololo LALALA LALALA

    @cord on stream : I will play creep on some streams 2k19
    @vastin after class balance we will look balance and what can be done in pvp
    @vastin on the interview in 2k18 we will look at balance for pvp and we have plans to make a new rating system.. (too much tea that night, they got drank)
    No producers letter
    Cord on stream we work producers letter
    Almost 2 months pass
    Recent weeks
    @cord : No changes coming in pvp
    Last week : ettenmoors are lagging like hell ( at least on evernight) many people sended tickets , was a lag that made people stuck in places like near trees and where regions change, giving the opportunity to the not a stucked ones kill the stucked... Playing pubg on max graphs and LOTRO stucks in the trees near gv....
    Producers letter comes out in stealth .. .
    Ssg let us know for potentials bigger grinds to keep us pve at least
    LG revamp so perfect marbulous fabulous
    Pvp changes that will be loved even more than Bieber songs
    Ssg gets in the club like https://youtu.be/oavMtUWDBTM
    Me while still paying vip for this

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    why act surprised? They have been doing this stuff for years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by galrodan View Post
    why act surprised? They have been doing this stuff for years.

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    MMOC: The other hot topic that lights up +Cord of the Rings, after class balance, PvMPers are chomping at the bits. What’ve we got for them?

    Ciccolini: "So, right now, once you get class balance, it will make it much easier for PvMP. What we would like to do is, we definitely want to update them at some point to be equal to the freeps again since we’re doing another level update in Grey Mountains, sometime after that, we’re going to have to update them. After that, I would like to see a system where they progress, at least a little bit, so if they play a lot they can actually become champions or a system like that. But I don’t know when we’ll get to that because right now our plan is… our lore people have a great plan for an ongoing epic storyline. and some of the stuff they’re talking about is really exciting, but eventually, we want to make sure that players return to Minas Morgul and that will be a big fight, a big thing in terms of ongoing stories that we’re working on. So the player monsters will probably be well after Grey Mountains once we get to that, because we need to see how they balance and we need to finish the class balance because one of the challenges up til now is what do we balance them against? If we balance them against Burglars, once all the classes are in a much better place, it will be easier to bump them up so they can be competitive."
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