With the producer letter saying that t4 and higher difficulty instances are in the works for the coming year, Can we break the mold of more moral/more damage per tier?

Glimmerdeep for example; the trolls have over 3 million moral which means for a decent single dps running 30-50k dps each troll takes 60-90s. It’s a 3 man, there isn’t access to the crazy raid buffs to maximize damage, it’s a tank, a dps, and either a healer or maybe a super skilled LM offhealer. When every trash pull is a battle for the tank to stay awake while the dps is slowly chipping away it’s no longer a challenging run but rather a battle of attrition.

I propose take the moral pools of the trolls in t3 and set them to 2million and some change; then for every tier increase moral by 10-20%. Can keep the damage of the t3 trolls as it actually feels like a threat as oppose to the t2 damage which can be self healed through. Then add a single mechanic per tier that changes the fight in a slight way. Suggested mechanics as follow;
T3: trolls can self bubble that if not popped gives the troll a damage buff (similar to Rurik in Anvil)
T4: trolls gain stacks of Fortification (see trolls in ToO Acid boss), have the stacks based on a global timer but also force a stack increase every 25% that way even a party of ultra high dps still eventually have to deal with the mechanic.
T5: drivers can shield (rename to something Gundabad themed) a mob in range, making it take -90% less damage while the driver is still alive.
T6: driver spawns 2 waves palefolk cannon fodders, once at 70% and once at 40%. While the palefolk are near the driver they ignore all taunts, and threat catchup mechanics, and generate threat based off of 600% healing or something like that. Basically the palefolk charge the healer and can’t be pulled off, can only be killed.

I think this would force the dps to have to prioritize differently depending on which tier was being ran.
T3 can just keep nuking down the trolls first but should switch to the one with the bubble when it happens. This raises the dps skill floor for the run.
T4 makes t3 harder by needing intermittent crowd control to allow the troll to take damage. This forces more group coordination.
T5 pulls the rug a bit further by now requiring the drivers moral pool to need to be drained before the trolls can be killed. This should/could result in at lease 1 of the damage buffs from the troll occurring meaning tank/healer skill floor is raised.
T6 the kill order has now completely been reversed, requiring the driver to be taken down quickly but also not so quick that the healer gets swarmed and dies. Group coordination as well as timing cooldowns for the tank so the healer can keep themselves alive while the palefolk are killed.

Then for the final fight have a timer that keeps a driver joining the fight at various points in the fight, and while a driver is engaged the boss takes reduced damage. This keeps the dps required on the boss still high but spread across multiple targets instead of just waiting for 9, 13, 17, or 22 million moral (following the trend of higher tiers increase the mobs moral by a factor of +3)