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    Quote Originally Posted by Hephburz-2 View Post
    Oh wow.... yeah sorry...

    I'm sure that re-statting existing armour/jewellery, making existing quests repeatable and rewarding you with a shiny title took a 'lot longer' than 5 minutes work...

    Now explain the new update today that updated a load of level 60 gear and nerfed Nadhin. Sounds like a lot longer than 5 minutes of work. This wasn't done for end game. This was done specifically with legendary servers in mind. Take your L. Don't say things like they explicitly stated no extra resources were going to be invested into these servers when that wasn't true. This is like the third time in two weeks they changed some of the 60 sets around and then nerfed essence gear today based off of this servers feedback. Sounds like it hurt a lot of people at end game on live but the change was made clearly with our servers in mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwinthilnel View Post
    *shrug* I'm personally looking forward to the MoM release. Even if nothing at all changes in Moria regarding the content in the zone, the atmosphere will. The density of players running around questing will be really nice IMO as on live it can feel very empty and lonely in there without others around (except in 21st Hall). I'm also looking foward to having more people running the Moria Cluster instances and have them be on lvl.

    Honestly, if you're not interested in playing unless MoM is exactly like it used to be, then you don't have to play. There will be plenty of us who will.
    I completely agree. I'm a Bullroarer tester (and have been around since a couple months after the game launched) and I get providing constructive feedback. Ultimately the experience may not be what some folks want. They can deal with it constructively or vote with their wallet and move on.

    I've been on Brandywine since the very beginning and have a ton of alts and investment there ... and I really enjoy the crowds and experience on the legendary servers and have, honestly, worked through content I have often bypassed. I log onto Brandwine to pay mine housing rent but spend my play time on Anor.

    I'm not sure there is a 'right' answer or perspective ... but I am really enjoying the legendary servers. When MoM was 1st released I found it to be like Moria from the books ... confusing, difficult, scary and claustrophobic. Will it be that way now ... no, because I know it so well. Will I enjoy it? You bet! Play on!

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    nah moria will be easy transition, probably backed up a few days after this fiasco but it will be smooth


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