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    Lotro Point Grinding Strategy

    Hello, I'm coming back to the game after a few months away and I'm getting to the point where I'm wanting more LP. I used to grind out a few hundred LP by making a new minstrel and going through a few beginner zones to do explorer and slayer deeds very quickly, but I hear there have been a few changes to the mini here recently. I was just wondering, what is a good current strategy for grinding LP? Is it about the same as it used to be or are there any newer tips and tricks that anyone has? Thanks

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    Posting to subscribe to this thread so I can grind points as well.
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    There’s a nice Steam guide for Ered Luin here:


    I have done it in every new character as a matter of course, but I haven’t done the whole thing of grinding loads of characters over and over. It works well with the mini, but also the hunter, and the champion can be really fast for the deeds too if you run one in yellow line and gather them together five at a time.
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    Awesome, thanks

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    It's not actual anymore though. Having started anew myself, I can only say; steer clear of minstrels. But seems you already knew that. My second class of choice was Beorning and they burn through mobs same way I remember them 2016-2017. About to try hunter though as I really do prefer ranged classes (why oh why did they utterly destroy minstrel landscape capabilities!?). Assuming they're still as fast as they used to be, taking into account the many fast-travel options, I'd guess they're you're best bet for fast turbine pts.



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