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    How many skirmish marks does it take to max out a soldier, not including cosmetics?

    How many skirmish marks does it take to max out a soldier from scratch, not including cosmetics and including the soldier's ultimate skill, roughly? I know there's a little bit of leeway here based on which ultimate is being used. Has anyone counted this up before?

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    A fairly insane amount, but your question is incredibly hard to answer because IIRC, it is not a fixed scale. Say, you are level 60 and the highest rank you can get a certain soldier ability to is 30. You get it to 29, and rank 30 costs 700 marks.

    Then you level up some and come back at level 90. Now max rank for that ability is 45, and you may notice that 29-30 got a lot cheaper - like 400marks. (These are not actual numbers, just conjectures)

    What this amounts to: a player running skirmishes often and keeping soldier maxed through levels will end up paying a great deal more marks than someone who first starts on his soldier at lvl 120.

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    I was afraid of that. Ok, that answers that, thanks!

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    Roughly 60k. Did it just recently for one of my alts for the skirm event.



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