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    Champion suggestions

    Move killing spree up three rows in the Beserker tree and Blade of Courage up two rows in The Deadly Storm tree.
    Make Blade of Courage more potent, like 20% chance to heal 20% morale.
    Make Bracing Attack and Second Wind into one skill and act like Press Onward for hunters or Catch A Breath for Guardians
    Give a second attack to Swift Strike, Rend, Merciful Strike, etc if you are dual wielding and a third strike to Blade Storm
    Make Fight On! act like Composure for Beornings. i.e making it heal 4-5% max morale per second for 8 second with a 12 second cooldown.
    ^ of course make this a trait like Composure - but for all 3 skill trees - and place them at the bottom of the tree to prevent people from somehow managing to get double Fight On! trait and heal 10% morale per second
    Make a Wild Attack trait on The Deadly Storm so it could become another Area of Effect skill
    Make it so might adds evade rating!!! Beornings get all 3 BPE with might so why can't Champions, Captains or Guardians?

    I would also suggest making Fervour deal +2% damage per pip instead of 1% but I think that might be asking too much.
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