-Take the skin tone customization from the Beorning race and put it in for men

-I understand that this could mess up people's existing characters

-My suggestion would be to make another origin option for men, possibly Harad?

-It's a bit disheartening that fantasy races have more realistic options than humans do (Dwarves also have a pretty wide range of options)

-Yes, you can get fairly dark if you pick the Gondor Origin and click on that one pixel

-But even that is lighter than Beorning's can get

-People with dark skin don't all look alike, and many of the darker options with Gondor have the same reddish tinge

I think that this would add another layer of realism to the game and make it a bit more immersive.
Yes, this is a fantasy game but the lore of LOTR specifically describes men of all shades.
Why shouldn't the game reflect that as well?