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    I don't think a game should be a canvas on which everyone gets to paint-- it would be a mess if it was. And personally, too much interaction between the developers and the players is like breaking the fourth wall in gaming. If its a good product, and if they do their jobs, then trust between the two entities ensues. The moment that trust erodes and the players feel like they have to direct the developers, and the game, instead of the developers directing it themselves, then the game isn't worth playing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dsltn07 View Post
    I do think there is very brittle trust. A lot of that however is not necessarily SSGs fault however. There are a lot of broken systems in this game due to neglect, and some of these 10+ year old systems need a lot of work. This is where players might have relevant feedback for the devs. Those saying it’s “like a canvas” are being silly. The players are not writing code, we are telling devs what we think. The problem is that we never get feedback from the devs. A great example would be the anvil raid. A lot of people STILL cannot figure out whether it is intended for Isvitha’s adds to be killed or kited. If we are told the thoughts or reasoning for a change then we can accept that and move on. Otherwise we are left flailing in the dark at each other trying to guess what was intended, which turns useful feedback into sludge.
    I agree with all of this. Lotro is such a game where the trust has been completely obliterated, because the devs failed to maintain their game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectone View Post
    So it is not relevant except to build up your straw man for the argument you are making.

    The people on this forum are not the people in the Seinfeld video. Saying that people today are more outraged due to cherry picking things like this is building up a straw man.

    Hey those peoples opinions don’t count because they resemble my straw man, argument won.

    Maybe you should try actually arguing their points instead.
    I'm greatful that You explained to me what a strawman argument means. I have always been curious and never found any good explanation I have understood. English not being my main language after all. I think I understand what You mean.

    However, yes I just used one example. There are tons in todays society. This is not the time and place to post or link them all. Also it would get more politicial I suppose an that is also againt the forum rules. However I still stand by that more and more people seem to get outraged and triggered these days by anything. As if they live in a sheltered world and can not handle anyone diasgreeing with them or even questioning something that they have another opion about. Certainly not all, but enough for it to be a pattern or "sign Of The Times" if You like. I see that in these forums too in some threads.

    I know that highlighting one examples is no basis for an argument, or proof, but I thought that if You follow todays society and media, not just main-stream media but also online media, interact with people in Your everyday life, even younger people etc, You would be able to fill in the blanks on the pattern that is emerging. Where You can no longer argue, question or discuss many topics as they are deemed "problematic" and must by hushed down or forbidden territory. That some seem so sheltered and think the whole world must be exactly according to their image. They seem need full body armour to dare to meet others or go out in reality. They often request "safe zones" etc.

    Don't get me wrong, I too find some posts offensive or rather childish. I too sometimes get really tired of the atmosphere in these forums, as well as in other game forums. However I do not want to censur eveyone that has an opposing view or opinion to mine. If people resort to name calling, insults or even personal attacks, then simply ignore them, or if really offensive then report their posts and let the admins deal with it and rule if it is against ToS or EULA and move on. Sometimes it is warranted to get upset or feel insulted, but not every time for every little thing, simply because a person has another opinion. Sometimes people simply need to grow a thicker skin and accept that we have different opinions on various subjects/topics and respect that.

    I hope that makes it clearer.

    Look, we can drag this on and on. I could write an even longer essay to explain my views, but it would be pointless if You still can not see the point I was trying to make with my arguments. If so then I guess I never will be able to make You understand my view on this. I'm not saying You have to agree, but understand what I mean and how I see it. Agree to disagree for example. I have no problems with that. That is all. I will not continue to argue simply for the sake of arguing endlessly. That is another thing that gets very tideous in these forums. 2-3 people ending up in dragged out arguments in threads and like evenentually taking over the thread as if it was their personal thread with just them arguing back and forth. So I try not to contribute to that and try to realize when it's time to bow out. Something I was really bad at when I was younger, I might add. It could drag on and on. I will not fall into that trap anymore. If that means someone thinks they have "won" or that I'm being "chicken" for backing down, or whatever, that is fine. Let them think that. It doesn't matter to me these days. I don't get as easily triggered anymore, so there is no false "pride" in me anymore over such things, thinking I have to "win" every argument preventing me to simply bow out. Others can have the last word if they like. It bothers me not anymore.

    I can not be clearer than this and hope I have explaiend myself clear enough and that will satisfy You in one way or another. Have a good day. No sarcasm intended. I say that as I know it is easy to misunderstand things, especially in written form, as we dont hear the pitch or tone in each others voices or face expressions etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaine6 View Post
    It is good to see that my post has not gone unnotticed by people who have similar beliefs. To speak up like this is from a place of strong passion for the game and I want to be in it for the long haul.
    Well, I’m in it for the long haul too. I’m lifetime but I still buy points. Took advantage of the double point bonus last night, even though I had only twenty George Washingtons.

    I don’t like a lot of things, like black keys, but like I said earlier, I’m more than happy with how they release new lands and storylines. And the soundtracks too.


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