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    What is your most memorable adventure in the Lord of the Rings Online?

    Tis hard to recall such an experience, since we run instances multiple times, memories get replaced, names forgotten.

    I never went that far to, in the game. Highest level 85, got only 2 characters to that level. Other ones where abandoned and left at lvl 34, 32, 67 and more.

    Angmar was great. Urugarth, Carn Dúm and and Barad Gúlaran all deserve a special mention.

    Yet, my greatest achievement, my deepest experience, the most touching memory is has got to be.. Entering Moria. In all it's fallen glory, the smooth introduction and a first touch with the Watcher in the water. There it was. The door, sparkling in blue and white. Me, a dwarf guardian. I roleplayed everything for the first hours, the first area. I felt like a dwarf. The darkness, helping my brethren in need. The dust and blood that where spread out through the caves and ledges, the smudgy path through hordes of orcs and goblins, dark creatures and unnamed horrors.

    My shield was battered and my helmet cracked. I bled. With a steady but tired hand i cleaved another skull.

    That was a great adventure.

    Pity thing is, i left that character. It is long ago, and i cannot remember why. I think i was bored by the simpleness of the guardian. Red line was boring. Now i'm a Lore-master, level 40. I will see this character through. But i will never forgot the role-play power of being a dwarf, and entering Moria.


    PS: for the commenters saying "oh i dont know, there are to many to choose from", sit your lazy ### down and write something, or at least give an answer to the question.
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    What is your most memorable adventure in the Lord of the Rings Online?
    Parting ways with Grey Company. What a poignant story.

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    No remember
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    The volume I Epic, with Amarthiel. Can only have played it once, it was so powerful I have not repeated it on my toons since the first time. The memory lingers.

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    What is your most memorable adventure in the Lord of the Rings Online?

    Spending 1.5 years inside Moria, literally. No porting out, ever, not even for festivals or social events. Exploring every corner and leaving no stone unturned. All at walking speed, no running and no stables. With fully maxed level 58 LIs, completed every single Moria quest, instance quest, and all deeds including meta-deed. Yes I did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarioSanchez View Post
    release of the East Rohan expansion
    Congratulations, you are this week's winner! PM incoming with a code.
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    What is your most memorable adventure in LOTRO?

    So many quests! Getting lost in Moria, falling over edges, and trying to find your way to the next person/location before we had the instant port!
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