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    Riddle me this Landroval

    I just came back to game and am very excited to be back. O am wondering if the server has very active
    RP anymore. I play a High Elf Hunter, when I signed on, Bree looked desolate. I am used to the Pony
    hopping with activity, and the LMB playing out front. I am eager to find a RP kin, but don't want to waste
    time of server is dead. Can someone please fill me in?

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    Due to lack or respons, my guess is dead server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talshiar View Post
    Due to lack or respons, my guess is dead server.
    I disagree... I suspect it is more of a Dead Forum than a dead server issue. Sadly, many who post on the Forums get grief from Forum Trolls who will argue black is white just for chuckles, so they stop posting. I see lots of reading, though... so there is hope.

    Although I do not spend a lot of time RPing myself (mostly a raider or moors person) I often see bands performing and the LMB has their own thread and events. Others still guide players through the Lore- also scheduled. This is one of the things that makes Landy special, and I am happy to be a small part of a great community.

    Welcome back and do a little digging... these events are not hard to find.

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    Thanks for responding. I just posted the dead server thing to get someone to say something. Many Thanks.



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