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    Character selection panel

    I'm sorry to post this here as it's not really an LUA problem but I would love some help from the guys who can talk to computers

    My trouble is explained here :

    Is there a command I can add at this line "CharSelectSortType=2". in the "UserPreferences.ini" file, a command who can keep this choice permanent please ?
    The line is in the "UI" section, last line.

    Or maybe I'm wrong with this and ther's a better way ?
    I tried making "UserPreferences.ini" a "Read Only" but it's not a good solution.

    Thanks and enjoy Lotro !

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    Okay, I was bored, so I made a Windows batch file (here) to do the job for you.

    This batch file will change the CharSelectSortType value to 2 and then run LOTRO.

    1. Save the file in the same folder with your LOTRO executable.
    2. Open it with Notepad.
    3. On line 2, set "USERPREFS" to the location of your UserPreferences.ini file.
    4. On line 3, set "LOTRO" to the location of your LOTRO executable. You can add command line options here if desired.
    5. Save it.
    6. Make a shortcut to the .bat file on your desktop.

    Then just double-click the shortcut whenever you want to run LOTRO.

    I tested this on Windows 7, but it should work fine on your Windows 8.1 machine. If not, let me know.

    Have fun!
    Thurallor, Warden of Landroval
    Author of plugins: SequenceBars, Reminders, others

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    thanks a lot Thurallor !
    Sorry for the late answer I was a few days away.

    It seems to work fine (even if I don't have a clue of what I've done, just following your plan), I have just added "-nosplash -skiprawdownload" on the third line of your file.

    Thanks again and good game !

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    After playing a bit the trouble is still there, when I'm switching in-game between "Full screen" and "windows" mode.

    It was the main problem, and it is still there.
    When I am leaving the game with a choice (setting 2 for me), I'm coming back later with the same choice, there's no problem there. The problem is only in-game, while switching screen type.

    Any new idea ?



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