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    Yeoman / Cooking Guide?

    Hey all.

    Does anyone know of a guide for levelling yeoman?
    I remember seeing one a few years ago with lists of ingredients and lists of items to be crafted for a decent levelling process.

    Any ideas?
    Skaikru of Laurelin

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    You could generally just go by the wiki. Big question is: how is your gold? Is it important to do it with as mininal expense as possible or you are willing to sink in extra 30-40g to speed things up?

    Every tier has recipes that use farmed stuff and cheap vendor components but yield little xp. And there are those using costlier ingredients but you will go faster.

    Apprentice: farm 140 spring barley, 35 mushrooms,
    70 cups of flour + 35 pie crusts + 35 mushrum pies
    Rest of apprentice farming go half barley half yellow onions.

    Journeyman: farm 84 cabbages, make 84 stuffed cabbage using onions from t1. Rest of farming half-half cabbage and taters.

    Expert: farm 108 cauliflower. Rest whatever. Make 108 vegetable medleys using taters/cabbage from t2

    Artisan: Farm 120 green hops/60 raspberries. Rest winter barley. Make barley mash/prepared hops, brew winterberry ale. Make a bunch more winter barley mash. (Like 130)

    Master: farm umbel hops and blackberries. Prepare hops. Brew 130 blackberry ales. Edit: farm some golden shire taters while at it. Will need them in Westfold.

    Supreme: I just found easiest to darm a ton of mint and make a ton (300) of bowls of cool water. (LM pet food).

    Will cover remaining later.
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    Westfold: here it gets tricky as most recipes you could use are drop or rep gated. However, you can get recipe scrolls at skirmish camp vendor. Decorated (32 marks) cook scrolls. You are looking for a Bannock recipe. Those who have standing with Theodred Riders can get a Potato scone recipe. Either way, for Bannocks, you need lots of black barley. Grind to flour, make bannocks.

    Eastemnet: same thing, skirm camp, Eastemnet Cook recipe scrolls (50 marks) You need Turnip-Bacon turnovers, for which you need leeks (Westfold farming) , and turnips/Rye flour (Eastemnet farming)

    Westemnet: biggest slog, most expensive. You need to pump skirm camp vendor until you get 'Cup of Westemnet Coffee', then you just farm coffee beans, grind em, and make coffee.

    Anorien, it gets easier. Farm Anorien taters and Anorien beans, make cups of baked beans, and from those, feasts of Anorien. All basic recipes that you get automatically.

    Doomfold: farm half/half Ithilien herbs and vegetables (same crop, different processing) and make 'Roasted boar with aromatic vegetables'

    Ironfold: farm Ironfold buckwheat, make bowls of Kasha.



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