hi everyone!!!
i m looking for RP mates, in Evernight where i have most of my alts n my most advanced ones
i m mostly themed in Gondorian army, i have a 120 champion, kings Empasador at Erebor, sended to the Grey Mountains,
105 captain of gondor, 105 guardian swan knight of dol amroth, that their quest line is still in rohan, 110 hobbit minstrel, 115 burglar
i also have 120 guardian captain of king's Thorin Stonehelm guards, Rohirim captain lvl 65, Dale warden lvl 65
n many more lower toons
i d like to rp mostly with my higher lvl toons as gondorian army officers, my dwarf tank as Erebor officer
i also like to continue a toon maybe my lvl 65 captain as a viking, or even crerate a new one in any server if i can find the right fellowship to do it
having other lower toons in many servers too!
lookin for feed back
have fun all of you