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    Potentially Broken Critical Stat Curve

    If memory serves, critical rating is supposed to cap at 25%--at any level--before taking racials, traits, and whatnot into account. However, my level 75 Beorning, featured in this image is sitting at a whopping 42.9% crit chance. There is absolutely now way she could be getting an additional 18% over the cap. At most, it should be at extra 5% with the red line trait to make 30%.

    I think something is wrong with the curve or, possibly, stat calculations.

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    I am gonna assume you are in Red line and at 100 wrath. Redline Beornings get 3% extra crit rating for every 20 wrath so don't worry nothing has gone wrong.

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    Okay, that must be why then. I didn't recall seeing that when I put my points back into my trait trees. I thought something was horribly wrong, but it turns out that it wasn't.

    Thanks for pointing that out!



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