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    Captain Red & Yellow Stats

    I'm curious what everyone is running for their yellow tank builds endgame. I'm currently sitting at just over 190k in physical and tactical mits (buffed) and that seems to be working well enough (around 55% each). I also have Crit defence is at 28% and resist is at 37%. Morale just over 200k. What is everyone else shooting for? Trying to decide if I should try and get more mitigations or build up crit defence. I'd like to have a tank build that works well for T2 and possibly T3 content.

    I'm putting together a set of swap gear for my red traitline. Which stats are your top priority for a red build? Crit, physical mastery, or finesse? I would guess crit to help unlock defeat response skills, but interested in other opinions.

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    From what I’ve seen it’s also going to depend a bit on your group and what you’re doing. If your group can finish bosses before minstrel buffs expire then 190k mits is fine for t1, and I’d shoot for 220k mit for T2. If your group struggles a bit more and you may not have mini buffs then you might even consider about 240k mits for T2. Morale should be over 200k, more is better

    For reference, my (non captain) tank has about 240k Tmit and Pmit with scrolls. This puts me at 75% Pmit and 250k morale with scrolls and cappie buffs, and tanking T2 anvil is still very difficult. My crit Defence is also 40%. All of this is without anvil raid gear, teal instance gear only. Hrímil still hits me regularly for 80-140k damage per swipe on T2.



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