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Thread: Burglar Tweaks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vastin View Post
    For those of you who are part of the Palantir program who want an early look at the full rework, the notes for it just went up in the Palantir forums, and the new build should follow pretty soon (hopefully tomorrow) so you can actually poke it.

    Hey Vastin,

    Following up here. Still plan on posting palantir notes here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnumum View Post
    The warden to the next maj ... j'ai l' impression qu'on nous prend régulièrement pour des imbéciles !
    There are no wardens on palantir or in dev team so they are not gona get any fixes/buffs in a long time.Maybe year or two after next expansion is close to being outdated.

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    Sooo, it's been 2 months now... how about some more detailed info, Vastin?
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    Just wanted to chime in on this discussion because I have to admit it's hard playing a Burg these days. The DPS buff from the RW nerf wasn't anywhere near enough. A promised pass over the class was suggested, player community got excited, nothing has materialized. It almost feels like that window between Helm's Deep release and the Burglar buff around Battle of Osgiliath. That was a dark time when Burgs needed higher T2C mits than the tank in order not to get pulverized because we are medium-armour melee. And the range on both Yellow and Blue is too close to be considered anything remotely close to AoE. And when it comes to the Burg community on lotro, there are three types of Burg players: PvP, PvE/social, raiders. Sometimes the Venn diagram of those three players overlaps, in many cases not so much. So I don't envy the development team this skill balance.

    The reality now is that Red Burgs line don't have enough sustained DPS, have clunky and broken mechanics (off-hand hits for instance), and is too squishy on raid content. We don't have an AoE bleed skill that would make a Red line Burg something valuable in that kind of environment. But the last time the dev team worked on Burgs, they only gave red line a fix me up and that was a crank of raw DPS output only. Thank god they fixed the T2C mit problem. Still didn't make us top single-target DPS either. Ugh.

    Blue line needs a lot of work. Lots of others have made far more coherent arguments than me on this topic. I'll defer to them.

    Yellow line has SO much potential to be an awesome buff/debuff role. Three immediate challenges arise in this however. The first is tricks don't stack properly unless I pop Trickster. A key skill and such a long CD period. When you bring along a Yellow Burg in a group, it's not for the home run hitting prowess it will bring to the plate. It's for the ability to debuff/buff. We're not healers, never going to be. But we should be as devastating as a confundus charm on a muggle (wrong franchise but whatever). The solution is relatively simple: #maketricksstack. The question of course is how many? I'd suggest two because then popping trickster really does make it worth the 45 sec CD to add a third trick and make it AoE.

    Speaking of which, that leads me into challenge #2: AoE. Three Burg tricks are actually single-target melee (huh?). Only Dust is a tactical skill. Which segues right into challenge #3: range. Because Burg tricks are melee, it requires being in close to pop em off. A yellow line Burg should be important in a raid/group. Again, not bringing us for our home-run hitting skills. But with Dust as our only immediate AoE skill and only affects up to 3 mobs/monsters at a time and the range at 5m, it's a pretty weak AoE skill broadly speaking. Sure the effect can be devastating when capped (+34.5% miss chance) but Lore Masters and their pets can do so much more on the debuff scale that it negates that miss chance.

    Okay now that my two cents is effin late to the party, I'd just like to ask: is it too much to ask to see what the planned changes are?

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    Please can we get this looked at, it's doing nothing since the Update to Burg/Glee change
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